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Meaningful marketing is about making your marketing conscious, collaborative and fun. It its a guiding principle for everything we do at Moxie. At its core, it means living true to the values and the purpose of your business and making sure that all of your communication, output and processes are aligned.

It means bringing in–and caring for–your community in a way that extends beyond the basic customer and seller relationship, and into the realm of community support and offering true value to each others’ lives. You’re just as focused on building a loyal customer base of brand advocates as you are on ringing the cash register for the first time.

So why are we so focused on this approach? It’s simple. Because we’re sick tired of the pushy, sales-y marketing of the past. After all, we firmly believe marketing doesn’t have to be an icky word.

Meaningful Marketing Course

Your Meaningful Marketing Course includes everything you need for your business to evolve and grow in a community where tourism plays a big role. Over 8 weeks, we’ll walk you through how to create a strategy that’s creative, collaborative, and conscious.

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